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A Personal Note

As experts in classic Vespa models, our range extends from replacement to tuning parts. Our mail-order business offers personal service by the owner and has been established since 2014.
With a passion that began around 20 years ago, Roller aus Blech is your reliable partner for everything related to the beloved Vespa scooters, especially the models Vespa PX, Vespa V50, and Vespa PK XL, as well as similar types.
Our expertise is based on years of experience and a deep connection to the Vespa cosmos.
We are aware that the quality of newly produced parts varies, especially with rubber parts. However, we always strive to purchase the best possible quality. If you are ever dissatisfied and wish to return your order, we will process your return promptly "without ifs or buts" and without long waiting times.

What makes us special? At Roller-aus-Blech Shop, original Piaggio spare parts are meticulously categorized and individually photographed with the same care.
This is a significant effort, as it requires multiple descriptions for the same item. Some items have therefore only had a very basic description so far, which is continuously supplemented over time.
We take pride in being able to present used Vespa spare parts in such an appealing manner.
Whether it's new or used parts, our prices remain always affordable.
Our service is characterized above all by personal support based on years of experience and expertise. We understand the unique needs of Vespa enthusiasts and can therefore offer personally tailored recommendations.

We welcome your questions and inquiries, and critical feedback is also appreciated as it helps us improve our offerings. Whether you need spare parts for your Classic Vespa, are looking for tuning options, or seeking maintenance information

We're here for you.